is this you?

“I began to think.  “You brought these children into the world.  You better show them what it’s like to live life to the full.  Otherwise what’s the point?””

… quote from Viv Groskop, writer and stand-up comic

Sally Robertson, founder of Stand Up, Mama!, performing at Caroline's Comedy Club in New York.

Sally Robertson, founder of Stand Up, Mama!, performing at Caroline’s Comedy Club in New York.

Has motherhood inspired you to live life to the full?  To live a full, laugh-until-your-belly hurts kind of life rather than simply scraping the surface of the days, weeks, months and years?

Maybe you’re the mother of a daughter and – after the initial shock of becoming someone’s role model – you’re inspired to show rather than tell your daughter(s) what a life well-lived looks like?

Possibly you have an entrepreneurial spirit? You want the freedom to shape a life that allows you to be a multi-hyphenated woman who defies conventional labels?  A life that gives you time to be the woman and mother/wife/daughter/friend that you want to be.  A life built around your passions rather than someone else’s profits?

Do you feel like part of you has shut down since becoming a mother? Or maybe you shut it down years ago.   To fit in at work.   Or to live the life your parents or friends or teachers wanted you to live.   To become a doctor or lawyer or accountant because that was the sensible thing to do.

Are you experiencing or doing one or more of the following:

*stress;  *anxiety;  *insomnia;  *chronic pain;  *overeating;  *drinking too much;  *smoking too much;   *spending too much;  *yelling at your kids way too much;  *low libido;  *constantly exhausted;  *frustrated;  *obsessing about that “one big thing” you sense you’re here to do *doubting your creative talent;  *lack of energy or enthusiasm;   *resentment;   *not feeling fully present in any of your relationships – whether as a mother, wife, friend or daughter; *did i mention yelling at your kids way too much?

Do you feel that it’s selfish to pursue your passions and interests? Or that you don’t have enough time or energy after doing all the other things you have to do.   Or that it’s not really that important.

The truth is that it’s exhausting to live when most of you is unplugged.

Read that sentence again, please. It is exhausting to live when most of you is unplugged.  It reduces who you are.  It makes you sick – physically, emotionally, spiritually.  It is not a way to live.  Period.  It is not a way to show your children – especially your daughter(s) – how a life is lived.   Your children watch you and learn from you.  They can tell when you are physically and emotionally engaged.  Even more importantly, they sense and they suffer when you are not.

Imagine if you brought more of yourself to your every day life and to your every day encounters with your family and friends.

Maybe motherhood has made you very aware that you are now someone’s role model and that has been a real wake-up call for you. It has made you realize that you simply cannot live a life that is smaller and quieter and shallower than the life you KNOW you’re meant to be living.   You are ready to LIVE OUT LOUD, to live your most vibrant life so that is what your children see and expect to do with their own lives.

Are you ready to get your creative groove back?

To get YOUR life in the spotlight?!

Stand Up, Mama!’s mission is to help mothers become more of who they really are so that they can be amazing role models for their children.

As a mother you have two choices:

  1. You can tell your children how to live their best life, or
  2. You can SHOW them.

Here at Stand Up, Mama! we’re all about “living it to give it”.  If you want your children to live exciting, fulfilling, fun-filled lives then show them how to by example!

Exactly what kind of women work with Stand Up, Mama!?

My clients typically share many of the following characteristics. If these fit you as well, you are likely someone I can help to reconnect with your creativity and help you to use your talents in the best expression of who you are.

Passionate about living life to the fullest – simply meandering through life doesn’t cut it for you.

Believe that everyone has a unique purpose in life – you are committed to uncovering your unique calling.

Interested in personal development – a glimpse at your bookshelves provides ample evidence of your interest in personal development.   You believe that you can improve the quality of your life more effectively with the help of someone who can guide you in the process.

Willing to invest in your own personal development – you appreciate that an investment in creating the life you truly want now will change your life and your family’s life forever.

What results should you expect?

Mothers who work with me experience the following benefits and results:

More energy: when you tap into your creativity, it’s an extraordinary source of energy.

More passion: my clients have commented that their lives used to be routine and driven by the things they “had to do”.  After reconnecting with the creative part of themselves, they are far more excited and passionate about their life as they focus on their own dreams and goals as well as the dreams and goals of their family.

More time: one of the key strategies we work on is developing a support network.   Mothers in their 30’s and 40’s grew up with the belief that they could “have it all”. We also somehow believe that we can “do it all”.  I work with my clients to help them to get the help they need so that they are able to focus on the things they truly love to do.

More peace of mind: the sense of being adrift and disconnected are replaced by peace of mind and a deep sense of satisfaction.

Their creative juices start flowing: creativity is like a muscle.  The more you work it, the stronger it becomes.  The more you express yourself creatively, the more creative you become.

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