how i work

I don’t pretend to know what your true life should be. I’m not going to be yet another person telling you what you should do.  What I do know for sure is that YOU know exactly what you should be doing with your life – even though you may feel like you have no idea.

I believe that each and every one of us is born with a unique set of passions, talents and characteristics that equip us perfectly for our life purpose. I help you to uncover the clues as to what that purpose is for you and then support you as you take the steps to live that life.

I’m an outstanding listener with a strong instinct for getting to the heart of what really matters to you.

I have a great sense of humor that makes our work together as joyful as possible!

I am a very positive individual and will support you and encourage you every step of the way.

I’m a plain speaker. I won’t let you sabotage your own efforts by falling into old patterns of behavior that hold you back.

I’m a loyal and honest individual. I’m constantly humbled by the trust my clients place in me and will always honor that trust.

The tools I use:

I use the tools that I use in my own life – a combination of Martha Beck, Patti Digh, improv and the art of story telling.

I use the coaching tools of Martha Beck as the foundation for my coaching work. I trained with Martha Beck as a coach in 2004 and completed my Master Coach certification in August 2009.  Martha Beck is an author, life coach and columnist for O, the Oprah Magazine.

I think Martha’s coaching tools resonate very powerfully with creative individuals. I remember reading “Finding Your Own North Star – claiming the life you were meant to live” for the first time.   The minute I finished it, I e-mailed Martha to find out if she trained coaches in her coaching method.  I was one of the first coaches to be trained by Martha back in 2004.

Martha released a new book “Steering by Starlight – Find Your Right Life No Matter What” in 2008 which I found even more life changing and powerful than Finding Your Own North Star.  In December 2011, her latest book “Finding Your Way in a Wild New World, Reclaiming Your True Nature” was released.  I will be offering workshops soon where we will discuss the latest book and put the exercises into practice.

Many of the women I work with are women who are in their 40’s and beyond and I find that Martha’s work really helps women to let go of any regrets, fears, or sabotaging behavior and truly appreciate that everything has unfolded exactly as it was meant to.  Rather than feeling that it is too late to pursue our passions and that we’re too far down another path, we can see that everything that has happened thus far (good and bad, especially the bad stuff!) is exactly the raw material we need to create our very best life.

The Nigerian poet Ben Okri put it this way.

“Remember that all things which happen

To you are raw materials

Endlessly fertile

Endlessly yielding of thoughts that could change

Your life and go on doing forever …

So fear not, my friend.

The darkness is gentler than you think.”

Martha quotes the Spanish poet Antonio Machado who wrote that as he lay sleeping, he dreamed of a beehive in his hear where “golden bees/were making white combs/and sweet honey/from my old failures.”

I also use writing exercises and a way of looking at and experiencing life from the books “Life is a Verb” and “Creative is a Verb” by Patti Digh.  When I was in a writing course at the People’s Improv Theater in New York, I was amazed by how the writing exercises from this book complemented Martha’s coaching exercises and my work with my own coach.  I absolutely LOVE Patti Digh’s writing and highly recommend her blog at and the writing classes she offers.





I find that writing exercises are particularly helpful for creative women, especially storytellers (writers, singer/songwriters, poets, stand up comics etc) as it allows us to identify the “stories” we have told ourselves and chosen to believe for many years (stories that don’t necessarily serve us well).   It also very often gives us a glimpse of our most authentic selves.

I also use rules from the world of Improv in my own life and my coaching.  I started taking improv classes a couple of years ago and was blown away by how the lessons learned in improv classes applied to my everyday life.

In my own life and in my coaching, I use a book called “Improvisation for the Spirit” written by the absolutely hilarious performer, musician and writer, Katie Goodman.

A description of the book explains how the tools of improv comedy apply to real life:

“Want to “Gag Your Inner Critic?” Want to learn some tools that will really bring spontaneity, joy and spark to your life? This creative self-discovery book offers techniques and exercises for working through blocks to lead a more courageous and creative life. Improv requires quick-thinking, collaboration, getting out of your own way, and being in the moment without being a perfectionist. The skills an improv actor uses are skills we can all apply to every aspect of our daily lives.

Many of us have similar struggles – feeling blocked creatively, being afraid to take risks, constantly competing with others, wanting our own way, or being attached to goals that may no longer serve us. We have trouble thinking on our feet, letting go of things that didn’t go as we’d expected, and remembering to see the humor in it all. Katie will show you how to transform your Inner Critic into your Inner Coach, free up your creativity, trust your ideas, go with the flow, be present when it counts, and to feel inspired, energized and confident.”

Click here to read Tina Fey’s thoughts on improv and its impact on her life.

In the above video, go to 3 minutes 30 seconds and watch for approximately 4 minutes as Tina discusses the rules of improvisation.

Why choose Stand Up, Mama!?

There are many wonderful personal coaches out there so why choose me?

Take a few moments to read the section “About Me” so you can get more of a sense of who I am, where I came from and my personal reinvention so far. Having celebrated my 40th birthday in 2008, I’m determined to make this decade my best one yet!  I’d love to share the journey with you.

My life is multi-hyphenated – I’m a mother of three very socially active children/business owner/life coach/writer. I think I’ve learned a thing or three about how to create a life that is just right for you.

I know that my life is much more satisfying when I’m engaged in creative endeavors than when I’m not.  I know for sure that I’m a better wife/mother/friend/daughter when I’m being truly Sally.

At a time when mothers grew up believing we were supposed to be able to “have it all”, I think many of us are more frustrated and dissatisfied than ever.  We love being mothers but we feel that we’ve lost ourselves somehow in the process.   I have experienced (and continue to experience) many of the same frustrations, anxieties and concerns that you are facing.   My guiding light in life is to be the best role model I can be for my children.  It seems to me that that ensures a win-win situation.   I live my most fulfilling life and they get the most inspirational role model possible.

I feel the same sense of responsibility in my coaching. If I’m not “living it” then I don’t feel qualified to “give it”.  So I’m constantly moving toward a life that is more and more fulfilling and I will continue to do so.   I believe that this makes me an invaluable companion as you work to create your ideal life.

Click here to read more about me to get a better sense of who I am