Monday Mama Muse: J.K. Rowling on Failure and Imagination

I loved Jonathan Field’s blog post today highlighting J.K. Rowling’s 2008 Harvard commencement address where she talks about Failure and Imagination. 

I was so happy to open the email from Jonathan today and see this.  I saw the interview J.K. Rowling did with Oprah and in the interview she mentioned this commencement address.  I had kept meaning to find it on YouTube and never got round to it.  Thanks to Jonathan for bringing it to me.  What a great way to start the first Monday of the New Year.  A perfect Monday Mama Muse, methinks.

Click here to read Jonathan’s post.

As you watch her speak, keep in mind all the excuses she could have made to NOT write.   She was a divorced mother raising her child by herself.  She was on the verge of poverty.  She didn’t have the perfect writing space.  I was in Edinburgh last August and walked past the cafe where she used to write.   Lack of time.  Lack of money.  Lack of space.   So many reasons to NOT write.  And yet she did.


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