Monday Mama Muse: Be Kind to Yourself

I had the extraordinary pleasure of attending the “Live Your Best Life” weekend to celebrate the 10th anniversary of “O The Oprah Magazine” this weekend.  It was my Mothers’ Day gift to myself.  Having received a hand-held vacuum cleaner from my husband and children on a previous Mother’s Day, I no longer leave Mother’s Day gifts to chance.

Oprah invited Elizabeth Gilbert, author of “Eat Pray Love”, to give the opening speech.  I loved her TED talk on creativity so I was excited to hear her speak.

It was a wonderful talk which I will discuss in more detail in a future blog post.  What I want to mention today is her conclusion.

She said that each day she tries to do her very best with who she is and what she has.  What she has noticed, however, is that she is rarely kind to herself when she falls short of her aspirations for herself.

Her conclusion was that, although we should continue to aspire to live our best lives, we should mitigate this aspiration with a healthy dose of self-kindness.  We should drop the knives that we are holding to our own throats.

It was a timely message for me.  It was something I had talked about with close friends earlier in the week.

So my challenge for myself and for you this week is to be kind to yourself.

What do I mean by that?

I mean treating yourself with the same love, warmth, compassion, respect, admiration, non-judgment, support, encouragement that you extend to your children and your closest friends.

I mean celebrating rather than belittling your talents, strengths and gifts.

I mean making time for rather than forgetting your needs.

I mean planning playdates and classes for YOU and not just your children.

I mean taking your goals and dreams as seriously as you take those of your children.

I mean loving rather than judging who you are.

I mean filling YOUR cup first so that it can overflow into the lives of those around you.

I mean being selfish so that you have it in you to be selfless when the need arises.

I mean resting when you’re exhausted.

I mean that if you wish for your child(ren) to live their very best, most satisfying lives, then you should wish that for their mother too.

Are you with me?


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