Sir Ken Robinson on Finding Creativity as an Adult

I just watched a five minute video where Elizabeth Lesser interviews Sir Ken Robinson on how to find creativity as an adult.

Please click here to watch the video.

Here are some of the comments he makes:

It’s never too late to find a new aspect of yourself. Obviously there are some physical limitations – at age 59, he doesn’t anticipate landing a leading role in a ballet any time soon.

We’re capable of extraordinary things. This is something that is at the very heart of my coaching philosophy.  I use the analogy of my experience as a stand up comic.  When I go on stage as a stand up comic, my goal is to make people laugh out loud.  Not to just smile or giggle.  I’ve chosen to live my life that way.  Pursuing the extraordinary rather than the ordinary.

Time moves differently when you’re in your Element.

He recommends taking two steps: a process of inner reflection where you take inventory on the things you’re drawn to do, the things you’d always wished you’d done and never did and then complement that with an outward journey of engagement.  The outword journey involves trying things you’ve never tried.

The comments that resonated most deeply for me were his comments about energy. He said that some activities take energy from you while those activities when you are in your Element give energy to you.   You feel emotionally buoyed by taking part in those activities.  I know this to be true from my own experience.  It’s counter-intuitive to add more things to an already packed life but whenever I add writing/performance to my life, I am energized by it.  When I add more activities that don’t make me feel in my Element, I am completely drained.


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