Who do YOU want to be this Halloween?

This is an article I wrote for a parenting magazine in 2006..  I always think of it when my daughters start to talk about who they want to be this Halloween so, in celebration of the Season of Bad Candy, here’s my thoughts on lessons learned from who kids choose to be for Halloween:

“As the mother of two daughters (7 and 4), I’ve loved watching the evolution of their choice of Halloween costumes.  For the first year or so, they had no choice and I’m horrified by the “cute” costumes we subject our babies to!  I think that we’ve pretty much covered all the Disney princesses and I daren’t calculate how much money I’ve spent in Disney Stores over the years.  I’m always the mother in the Disney Store on October 29th with the anxious look on her face as I’m neither organized enough to buy a costume when the sales are on nor creative enough to make costumes for the girls myself.  

Each year in September, the question starts looming – “who DO you want to be for Halloween?”.  The answer will be determined by whatever movie or TV show or book has influenced your child most that year.

 It made me wonder who we, as grown women, would choose to be if we had one day a year to dress up as the character who had inspired us or influenced us most that year.  As I was mulling over the idea for this article – while unloading the dishwasher – my seven year old walked into the kitchen wearing the red wig from her Little Mermaid costume, a pink boa from a dance costume, the dress from her Cinderella costume, shoes from Snow White and makeup from her rock star costume.

 The result was something uniquely her.  Yes, she’d brought together elements from many characters but the final result was something quite unique (although I did get a fleeting vision of  Cyndi Lauper in her early days!). 

She no longer looked like a cookie-cutter princess, available (at a price) from any Disney store.  She brought all these different looks together to create something with her unique mark on it.

 In that moment, my daughter taught me some valuable lessons about living your best life…

 Click here to read the full article …


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