Teach them by living it yourself

I LOVE this quote from a book called “Stepping Out of Line: Lessons for Women Who Want It Their Way…In Life, In Love, and At Work” by Nell Merlino (the founder of Bring Your Daughters to Work Day):


“In bathrooms, boardrooms, buses, bagel shops, and everywhere else, we all need to imagine a little girl following us around, repeating everything we say and everything we do.  Think about all the things you want for yourself and your daughters, granddaughters, and girls everywhere – and teach them by living it yourself.”



This book is due to be released on March 3rd and I’ve just pre-ordered by copy from Amazon.com.



This quote beautifully sums up the Stand Up Mama philosophy of mothering!



It’s a win-win situation – you live YOUR best life and your children get the most inspiring role model possible.



What are your present actions teaching the little girl who is following you around?



I know that I’m going to be making some changes in my life based on my new shadow!


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