How do you find your tribe?

smilingwomanboa3Thank you so much to those mothers who joined me on the “Hey, WE need playdates too!” call this evening.


On the call, I talked about our children’s playdates and said that they involve three things:

  1. A commitment to play;
  2. With friends they adore;
  3. Doing the things they love to do (their passions).

When I talked about finding friends you adore, I referred to them as a “tribe”.  It’s a word that Martha Beck uses often in her coaching work and I think it’s a perfect word for describing the kind of connection that exists between people with shared passions and ideals.  I will talk more about this in future postings.

At the end of the call, one of the mothers made the point that, as adults, it’s so much harder to find the people we adore because we’re not in a setting like school or college where it’s so much easier to meet people.

I think that’s very true and it definitely does take much more effort to find our tribe as adults.  However, in my response to the mother, I mentioned that part of the problem is that, as mothers, we rarely reveal our most fascinating qualities.  There could be many mothers/women/co-workers lurking in your life who are potential tribe members if you could get to know who they really are.

I encouraged the mothers on the call to try to reveal more of themselves in future to see if we can start a chain reaction of mothers revealing their fascinating sides rather than talking about potty training!!

I am going to start a separate blog/forum specifically for the purpose of connecting like-minded mamas.  It will be called Mama Tribes and will be revealed shortly.  It is still in the early stages as I figure out exactly how it will work.

I’m also going to be introducing Open Mics for Mamas with creative talents so that will hopefully be a tribe of women who enjoy each other’s company and keep the potty training chat to a minimum.

The whole thrust of the call this evening was that, because we have so much less time since becoming mothers, what time we do have available has to be of a much higher quality.  No margin for mediocrity is my new mantra!

So, to quote a man I truly adore (Tom Jones), “please release [you].  Set [you] free!”

And keep the potty training/sleep deprivation conversations to a minimum – please!!


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